Xander Crews (voiced by Adam Reed), whose alternate identity is the superhero Awesome X, is the 33-year-old billionaire owner of Crews Enterprises. By the time of the series, Awesome X and his team of high-tech armored soldiers, the Xtacles, have effectively eliminated the supervillain threat, making superheroes unnecessary. Awesome X and the Xtacles are headquartered in an orbiting base, the Xcaliber, which costs Cllion dollars a year to maintain, and with no supervillains for them to fight, Stan, Crews's second-in-command and head of the Crews Enterprises Board of Directors, wants to downsize. He announces Awesome X's retirement, unbeknownst to Crews, who prefers to play superhero and waste money on his own entertainment.

Crews is also the very proud owner of Train Island, and has been featured in two adult films during his more lean pecuniary years: "Head of the Ass" and "Check Me Out, I Suck". For the former film, Crews participated in the award-winning documentary "The Making of Head of the Ass: The Documentary about the Porno".

Xander Crews has a third identity, Barnaby Jones, which he makes up so that he can trick Killface into being his best friend after Killface is blinded. This is necessary because at the time Xander Crews befriends Killface using the new Barnaby Jones identity, Stan has taken over Crews Enterprises and the Xtacles have turned against him and tried to kill him, and all of his money is gone, too, leaving him with nothing (in fact, he goes around naked as Barnaby Jones because he doesn't even have any clothes at this point). He maintains this fake identity until shortly after Killface bites his ear off in a fight to the death in Chinatown, after which time he returns to his original Xander Crews identity in order to reclaim his billionaire fortune, his title as CEO of Crews Enterprises, and his title as Awesome-X.